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PUMA x FC Midtjylland


Campaign Design, Creative Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Motion Graphics, Video Production

PUMA, FC Midtjylland


After a 14-year hiatus, PUMA made a comeback to FC Midtjylland as a sponsor for the 23/24 season. Our task was to showcase the collaboration and the shared values between these two strong brands. Additionally, we had to develop a visual concept for the season’s player graphics, based on the new jersey design.

Our campaign centered around the rich history that PUMA and FC Midtjylland already share. PUMA was there from the beginning, when the club’s ambitions were purely national. Now, they’re back again as FC Midtjylland has become an established European club, aiming for European group stage glory. But despite the success, the mindset remains unchanged: hard work, humility, and big dreams. The season graphics drew inspiration from the stripes on the jersey design, which itself pays homage to FC Midtjylland’s inaugural jersey launched in 1999.

The campaign has become one of the most-watched videos across FC Midtjylland’s social channels.

Project Lead

Mads Severinsen

Brand Director & Partner

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