A Bunch of Creative
Cool Cats

Designers, engineers, writers and craftsmen. Culture Works consists of all sorts of creatives. United by the love for culture and urge to create.


How We Take You to the Moon
(and Back Again)

On one hand we know our branding strategies and methods, but a piece of paper doesn’t add value to your brand. Our cultural insights, quirky ideas and professional event execution do.

It’s all about the right perspective. In the research and strategy phase we dig deep into the cultural aspect, and you’re welcome to join us.


If the concept is spot on, people will not only enjoy the event, but also get the message. It has to be original and not overthought. Like Italian food.

Event Design

Mood boards become sketches, sketches become renderings, renderings become technical drawings and technical drawings are brought to life.


All personnel, from the one guiding people on the parking lot to the stage manager, are Culture Workers. Either you get or you don’t. Our guys & gals get it.

Rule #3 for doing business with culture works:

Stop Selling. Start Creating.

Need a fresh kick of ideas & inspiration?

During the years we’ve spoken at conferences, festivals and network meetups, given guest lectures at a wide range of education schools and universities and held workshops with small and big companies. We always create specific content that fits your topic, but we stay true to our call values. We never tell you, want you want to hear, but what you need to, and maybe that’s why we keep getting enquiries.

Rule #4 for doing business with culture works:

Trust Goes Both Ways


Festivals, Talks, Major
Projects & Work Aways


6-8th: Northside Festival // WEB




31-4th: DEKMANTAL FESTIVAL / Amsterdam, The Netherlands // WEB
15-17th: H&B Tobacco Store Music Week / Copenhagen, Denmark
23rd: Jack & Jones Summer Party / Denmark
24th: Ceres Byen Opening / Aarhus Denmark
29-1st: Arla Food Fest / Copenhagen, Denmark / WEB
31st: Aarhus Universitets Forskning Fond 75 Års Jubilæum / Aarhus, Denmark


30-8th: Cluster Square / Aarhus, Denmark // WEB
6-8th: Arla Food Fest / Aarhus, Denmark // WEB
12th: Pravda Celebration Party / Aarhus, Denmark //  WEB 

We Love You Too, People!

Our universe

Stop Selling. Start Creating.

If you wish push the cultural boundaries for what’s possible, sometimes you need to show the way, take the risk and be the first mover. That’s why Culture Works has created several big projects from scratch without start funding or briefs from a client with a big budget. We intend always to push these boundaries, and you’re more than welcome to join.

Our Clients