What We Offer

Culture Works is a full service cultural agency that creates concepts, brand activation and iconic events all over Europe.


We see that culture binds brands and consumers together in a community of interest and shared common ideology.


By combining strategy insights with a creative mindset, we develop original concepts and make them viable.

Event Design

Event Design is the heart of Culture Works, specializing in festivals, fashion shows, trade fairs, conferences and employee events.

360° Execution

We handle everything surrounding the project – from early idea and project handling to event design and execution.

PR & SoMe handling

We handle all your SoMe channels and create PR campaigns securing the best possible reach on the project.

Content production

We do photos, films, influencer collabs, SoMe campaigns and PR based on the event, we just created with you.

Okay, So How Do Our Services Create Value for Your Brand?


is King.

People don’t give a damn about the majority of today’s advertising and marketing. Reason? Because it’s generic, not personal and simply too easy. The immersion and honesty is missing, and people see right through it. How about you stopped SELLING and started CREATING? You know, something real. Culture is worth a million bucks.


is Queen.

From kickass culture comes kickass content. This is where we transform 500 interactions to millions of views. We do photos, films, influencer collabs, SoMe campaigns and PR based on the event, we just created with you.


Culture Works is your Knight in Shining Armour.

Culture Works is there for you all the way through the project. We handle everything, including all communication with subcontractors, execution and campaign roll out. We’re those knights in shining armour making sure that everything becomes just as awesome as we told you. Professional, durable and dynamic.

Rule #1 for doing business with culture works:

Let’s Have Lots of Fun!

Oh, Did We Tell You, That We Are Leading Experts?

When a brand merges with the culture and communities surrounding it, projects go from great to iconic. Like ‘kicking your ROI’s out of the ball park’ kind of iconic. Luckily for you, Culture Works is leading experts in connecting these three elements.



Yeah, that’s you. And all the things surrounding you. When we understand your world, we can open it up.


Cheesy, but: there is culture in everything. So let’s focus on the cultural movements around your brand.


You’re not alone, you know. There’s cultural communities related to your universe. The key is to use them right.
Rule #2 for doing business with culture works:

Don’t Ask Us to Do
What You Did Yesterday