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Creating an office space 

WeWaters new location is designed to ba a "visual oasis" to create a thirst for a better tomorrow.






Culture Works created another 360 spacial design to the portfolio for the Innovative entrepreneurs at Wewater, a highly ambitious tech & water startup founded by Grundfos. Wewater contacted CW concerning a total interior renovation & design solution of the old theater of Gruppe 38 as their brand new office. Wewater requested a spatial design concept in balance & dialogue with their international company values which could function as an inspiration for employees, partners and collaborators on a daily basis.

After mapping their specific needs, we found that it was essential to create an office space with a layout that accommodated the agile and flexible way in which the Wewaters team work. We addressed these needs by dividing the open floor plan into different zones including workspace islands, a conference room, workshop space and a more casual zone for informal meetings and talks.

We combined a Scandinavian minimalistic lightness approach with the colorful heritage of Africa & the company sight specific operational area of Ghana, to create a unique flow in the office atmosphere with direct parallels to the companys african roots and connections.

One clear goal was to create the movement of water throughout office. From a simple jerrycan, which is normally used to transport gasoline, but is more likely a container for water in Ghana, to a water installation that in its simplicity, showed the movement of water.

We knew from the beginning that a the combination of the vibrant African "more is more" with the Scandinavian "less is more" tradition would be key to creating a unique spatial design.
The old theater ceiling creates the framework for Wewaters new office. what could be more perfect than creating an interior design on a white canvas with deep heritage? 
The compact space was outfitted with bespoke Damgaard-Jensens screens that give a soundproof effect to the office area from the casual working zone and kitchen.
The chairs design added a vibe of african ethnicity to the interior for the meeting room and connected to the rest of the office, which is divided by a glass wall, which gives you a feeling of privacy but also opens the space and keeps the flow transparent and the view uninterrupted.
Project lead:
Marie Kjær
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CW Group ApS

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