The Macabre Eatery – Tivoli Friheden

Designing a horror house for Halloween in Tivoli Friheden
The Challenge

Tivoli Friheden wanted a new and exclusive attraction, only open during the week of Halloween. They wanted a horror house with real-life extras to make the park interesting also for older children and adults. We created a horror house called The Macabre Eatery. 

The Kickoff

We used our knowledge from experience design and dramaturgy to build the concept of the horror house in the most realistic manner possible. During the week we had a constant queue and nothing but praise from the daredevils entering.

The Win

The Macabre Eatery attracted 3000 visitors during Halloween. In this context, cold sweat and mortal dread are the criteria for success. Halloween 2018 beat all records with 56.000 visitors in the park. The highest number of visitors ever in Tivoli.  

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