The Sustainable Factory

Developing a true sustainable VIP event for the top 100 in the danish hotel and restaurant business 






We’ve worked together with De Forenede Dampvaskerier A/S (DFD) for several years. So when they asked us to develop, design and execute the third edition of their VIP event for the top 100 people in the Danish hotel and restaurant business, we joined the boat without hesitating. 
We went full on sustainable in all our solutions, designs and executions. Beginning from the concept level, we started out by taking UN’s 17 world sustainable goals into consideration and building our program and speaker subjects from here. We then chose to build our physical design around the idea of a factory, where the sustainable future is produced. Our graphic identity was built from punch sheet.
Impressed guests and a happy client. What more to want? DFD succeeded in surprising their guests with a completed event design and factory activations. 100+ people from the top of the Danish hotel and restaurant business attended, making the evening not only a nice experience but an important event to be at for networking purposes. 
As always our work with DFD and our strategy, focused on how we could send a message about a more sustainable future with no compromises.
Key elements:
grass, concrete, plants 
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As soon as the guests put on their overall and stamped in at the entrance, like at real-life factory, we knew it would be an execution to remember.
Every element in the event design got an afterlife, which supported the sustainable theme.
Project lead:
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