Making people take a stand on animal welfare with Økologisk Landsforening & Føtex Food
The Challenge

Økologisk Landsforening is advocating for a world with more and better ecology and a world where animal welfare is prioritized way more than it is now. They wanted to bring awareness to animal welfare in a physical setting and they wanted to reach a new younger audience. 

The Kickoff

To reach above and beyond we shut down one of the most trafficked streets in Aarhus C, Guldsmedegade, where loads of youngsters pass every day and created a green oasis for an entire day with hay, vegetable art, ecologic tastings, music, and good fun.  

The Win

Loads of young people and families interacted with the brand as we created unique and lasting memories for the bypassers. Memories that ensure that they from now on have awesome associations with ØL as a brand and hopefully consider animal welfare more when consuming.  

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