Magasin 150th Anniversary – Social Campaign

Creating an online campaign to promote Magasins 150th anniversary event
The Challenge

How do you bring awareness and relevance to an event far out in the future? No one cares about your event 6 months ahead, they care about value right now. This case is a clear example of the fact that our mantra: “Stop Selling, Start Creating” works.   

The Kickoff

Instead of shouting empty words into the already cramped media, we told the story in a quirky and different way, promoting the event indirectly. Solution: Showing 150 years of Aarhus history in a colorization timelapse merging 1904 with 2018.

The Win

When you create something people actually care about, they listen, and they react. Simple as that. Thousands of people joined us for the celebration, and it was the ideal kickstart to the festival season. Oh, and our film was watched by more than +21.000 people.


*Coloring were made by artist Erik Oliver Wistisen

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