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Hummel Play On

Transforming an originally psychichal event into a digital format without compromising the quality of entertainment and communication







On May 20, 2020, Hummel launched their intern sales conference showcasing the latest styles to buyers. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Hummel wasn't able to invite any of their 200+ partners from all over the world as they usually do in great style - with our help. 

But did they want to surrend to Covid-19? Definetly not.

This is where we enter the picture. In collaboration with our in-house production friends, KarmaCat, we took on the challenge of converting Hummel's sales conference into a playful, entertaining and highquality three hour long digital sales conference. We took responsibility of everything from storyboards, locations, production-planning to creating a website, graphic identity and final delivery. The results? Hummel got almost the same numbers as last year, but for half of the cost of their regular sales conferences. 

So what did we do exactly? That we will tell now. 

A 3 hour long digital conference containing lots of numbers and graphs needs to be presented in an entertaining way. After nailing the concept, we went shooting.
With tons of material, it's all about finding the right tone of voice, visual angle and aesthetic mood. The job is to present 3 hours of strategy, graphs and large numbers in an intriging way.
All content was wrapped in a graphic identity, we created specific for the event. 
"Bringing people together from all over the world to a physichal sales conference is undoubtely connected with a lot of expences and definetly not very durable in terms of climate sustainability. This digital conference has shown, that there is actually a great potential for these types of meetings, which we will continue to investigate and refine in the future"
- Allan Vad Nielsen, CEO of Hummel.
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