Worldwide digital sales conferences



Client: Hummel

Year: 2020


Creative Direction
Project Management

Graphic Identity


2 full digital conferences
Reduced costs 
Record in sales


Karmacat, video
Playminds, animation
Startup guide, graphics


How do you transform a psychical event into a digital format without compromising the quality of entertainment and communication?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Hummel wasn't able to invite any of their 200+ partners from all over the world their two annual sales conferences as they usually do. In great style. With help from us of course.

But did they surrender to the pandemic? Definetly not.

This is where we enter the picture. We took on the challenge of converting Hummel's sales conferences into a playful, entertaining and highquality format consisting of video content and online sales tools. We took responsibility of everything from storyboards, locations, production-planning to creating a website, graphic identity and final delivery.



When stearing through a pandemic storm, the captian needs to be calm, optimistic and truly attentive.

With the first of two sales conferences going live right after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic our focus was to relate to the employees in all Hummel markets. Everyone single human being on the planet was a bit scared around the outbreak of this unknown and untameable virus. The CEO of Hummel needed to adress this, even though it was with more questions than answers. But also make sure that people got the point, that Hummel wasn't going to back down at anytime. Therefore, we landed on PLAY ON as our thirst theme.

Below you can watch the intro from the sales conference PLAY ON.


We made it through the biggest waves - now we push for new shores.

The second sales meeting was due in Autumn 2020 showcasing Hummels styles for the AW21 season. Due to hard and dedicated work along with some tactical partnerships Hummel came out out the pandemic lock down period prospering. Now it was time for Hummels CEO to adress this fact and build on the optimistic feeling.

The titel for the second sales conference was 'BUZZING' and here's an intro for you.


From football stadiums to yoga studios and footage from all over the globe. 

Due to the pandemic we couldn't travel around to shoot footage for the conferences. Therefore we collected footage and images from campaigns from all markets globally and used that in our production phase. 

At the same time we shot bunch of original footage for the intros shown above, intros to all business areas and of course the speakers for the speaker part of the conference.

Thanks to our friends from KarmaCat to work with us on this part.


Unique identities for both conferences as they were branding campaigns.

We found inspiration in graphics relating the themes.

As for BUZZING it was all about getting that sense of being on the move, never not innovating and thinking ahead - as long as remembering and embracing Hummels enherance as a sport brand.



2 fully digital sales conferences

Reduced costs versus physical format

Record results in sales worldwide


"Bringing people together from all over the world to a physichal sales conference is undoubtely connected with a lot of expences and definetly not very durable in terms of climate sustainability. This digital conference has shown, that there is actually a great potential for these types of meetings, which we will continue to investigate and refine in the future"

- Allan Vad Nielsen, Global CEO of Hummel

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