Payment Terms

Payment target

30 days net

Recognition of invoice

Invoices shall not be accepted until deliverables have been received in full unless otherwise specified in contract

Due Date Calculation

Payment term are based on the invoice date or date of goods receipt (Whichever comes later).

Invoice Format

Accounting department will only accept invoices in pdf format, sent to finances@cultureworks.dk
(only one invoice per file).

Invoices will be rejected if information on the invoices is incomplete. The following information must be available on the invoice:

Vendor name
Vendor address
The invoice address must be the company in that you have agreed the purchase with
Address of delivery
VAT- registration number
Correct bank information
Correct calculated VAT
Invoice number
Correct invoice amount
Exact spending specification (quantity)

Credit Notes

Partially disputed invoices will not be part paid and will be returned to the vendor for correction and resubmission. Terms will only start once a valid invoice has been received.
Credit notes received due to additional discounts etc. will be deducted in first coming invoice.

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