Welcome to the holy grail.

A guide that teaches you about the rich history of our agency, but more importantly tells you how to fit in by just being yourself.

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00    Table of Contents

01    Welcome to the Wolfpack

02   Mission 

03   Guiding Principles 

04   The Checklist for New Wolves

05   Mindset

06   The Culture Models

07   Office Spaces

08   Our Daily Life

09   Internal Projects

10    Benefits of Being a Culture Worker

01    Welcome to the Wolfpack 

First, a very warm welcome to the Culture Works Wolfpack, which you’re now an official part of. We’re bonded by our common love for culture and urge to create kickass projects. With you on the team, we’re sure we’re off to an even brighter, more fun and epic future!

We’ve created this playbook to give you a quick all-round introduction to Culture Works. What we do, how we do it and what we think about it. Whether you’re a newbie, a freelancer or co-founded the company, this is your point of reference.

To the chopper!



02    Mission

Culture Works was founded by Martin Rohde and Adrian Fey in 2010 together with Christoffer Immanuel and Alexander Christiansen, who now runs Organic Basics. Since then the company has grown steadily into its present shape. Now the partner team consists of Martin, Adrian, Mads and Andreas.





The four partners at the summerparty 2019, which will go over in history.

Throughout the years, the mission has always stayed the same: Leading Through Culture. This means creating cultural impact for brands through original concepts, iconic events and kickass content.

We’ve always stated that you can’t do epic shit with basic people. This is why you – together with the rest of the CW wolves – are the absolute heart of our business.

03   Guiding Principles

01 Always embrace culture – both sub & main.
02 Fail faster, succeed sooner.
03 Be nice and stay nice.
04 Take ownership – Be yourself and bring yourself in all aspects.
05 Stop selling, start creating.

04   Checklist for New Wolves

01  Read this playbook.
02  Learn to brew a nice Chemex.
03  Choose your own emoji in Slack and send out a /giphy in a public channel.
04  Send a photo for our cultural feed.
05  Click on the yellow heart on our website.
06  Invite your colleagues to an after work activity.
07  Make suggestions for changes to this playbook and add at least one image/gif/drawing.
08  Follow Culture Works across all social media.
09  Get up to speed on Google Drive, Calendar, Podio and the Week Planner.
10  Learn us a fresh piece of slang from Urban Dictionary.
11  Go to either the Aarhus or CPH office for a couple of days to meet your colleagues there, drink a beer and get the vibe.

05   Mindset

Culture Works is built on entrepreneur spirit and we intend to embrace that spirit forever. This means nobody will micromanage you. You’ll have freedom, independence and trust in your daily life at our offices.

With freedom and independence comes responsibility. Nobody will hold your hand, and we expect you to fully manage your time, tasks and priorities so that all your projects will end up with happy customers and champagne popping at the office.

Remember that you’re a part of a Wolfpack with some of the most talented people in the business at what they do. Use them to develop, collaborate and execute as they will use you. Physical location doesn’t matter. Use Slack, Skype or take the train.





Happy team after the tribute party a The Women Museum in 2016. Either you were there, or you weren't.

Code of Conduct

Building iconic concepts and events based on cultural tendencies requires an open and embracing mindset towards everything from nerdy habits to sexual orientation.

At Culture Works we welcome and treat everyone the same, no matter rank, age, track record, the color of your skin and background. Any kind of disrespectful behavior, discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated, and employees violating these rules will be sanctioned accordingly.


Create, create, create!

When we ask people their opinion about Culture Works, they often point out our skills to create projects instead of (just) talking strategies. And everybody – from interns to partners – must take part in the creation process. We aim at spending 20 pct. of our weekly working time on developing new projects. No idea is too crazy, dum or weird. Bring it to the table, so we can bring it to the people.

When an idea is pitched, the team will speak their mind and make a decision whether to move forward or bury it. If we move forward, you will be responsible for doing a business model canvas and early prototype testing.


Bring yourself!

Are you digging some sort of culture that the rest of the team have to experience? Have you done yoga every morning for the last three years and want to open the namaste world up to the rest of us? Did you go for a beer in that new spot that just opened and wish to invite the wolf pack? Would you like to decorate the office with a cat poster? Speak up! Culture Works is a small and agile company, and we’re only as badass as we allow ourselves to be. We aren’t a big, corporate and impersonal company, and we don’t pretend to be one. So bring yourself in full and let’s enjoy each other in all our weirdness.

06   The Culture Models

At Culture Works you will not find a lot of strategic and academic models. We only have a few in the holy Culture Bible. We’ve used them for years and are still improving them.

Be our guest to challenge and evolve them! 

C-platform (real)

The C Platform

The C Platform

The C platform is the model which we use at the start of all projects. When a brand merges with the culture and communities surrounding it, projects go from great to iconic.



That’s typically our client. And all the things surrounding them. When we understand their world, we can open it up.


Cheesy, but: there is culture in everything. So let’s focus on the cultural movements around our clients brand.


A brand is never alone. There’s cultural communities related to their universe. The key is to use them right.



Return on Culture

End of day, a client will always be interested in making money. One way or the other. We get that, as long as they ready to create projects with cultural impact along the way. So here’s how we do it in Culture Works.


Create Something Original

Could be a concept for a content production or it could be the design for an event. Here it’s all about creating something the target group will enjoy. Not about selling them stuff. Save that for later.

Create Content

Sometimes you only need 50 people to attend an event. But if you think your content production right, your audience increases from 50 impressions on sight til 500.000 impressions online. That is why use should always think content in from the start in your concept.

Building Reach

When you reach new people with great content, you have their attention. And now you can start thinking about selling them stuff. But not before.


07   Office Spaces

When you spend more hours at the office than in your house, the office needs to feel like a home. It isn’t just a desk. It’s a space to explore ideas, discuss culture, hanging with friends and of course working hard and late to create iconic projects.

We honor all the hours, you spend here. Therefore, feel free to book our spaces in Aarhus and Copenhagen for your next family and friends dinner. Have suggestions for improvements? Speak up. Do you want to do some activities like yoga or table tennis or take a barista course? Make it happen. Currently, we have a bicycle club ‘Gruppetti’ and a men’s supper club using the CW HQ as the creative platform.

We need even more FUN!!


New Years 2018 at the Aarhus Office. 

08   Our Daily Life

Wolfpack Mentality

A wolfpack is a group that are bonded together by loyalty, love and respect of each other. Once in a wolfpack you are truly devoted to your pack and will do anything and everything for them. This is our mentality. Transformed into everyday office life, this means we never use the expression ‘colleague’ internally. We’re friends who care about each other – and not just the version of each other at the office, the full page. Whatever what’s on your mind, feel free to share.





The Culture Works team gathered for a strategic workshop in an old house in Rejkavik, Iceland.

Physical and Digital

It can be a challenge to work together across offices representing clients with international projects. Use Appearin, Slack, your phone and video calls to stay updated and on point. And always try to prioritize to meet around projects in real life.


Sync in the Cloud

Working across offices means there is always a Culture Worker somewhere who needs access to files in a project. Make sure to sync in the cloud. The CW ROOT is your friend. Ask if you can’t find stuff ?


Weekly Meetings

Every Monday at 9.00 – 10.00 AM we gather the entire team for a meeting. It’s a nice way to check in with everybody. Who went absolutely wild on the dancefloor on Saturday? Who spent the entire weekend watching Netflix? But mostly the Monday meeting is about the week to come.

Everybody (including you) will go through their weekly tasks.

On Fridays 08.30-09.00 AM we have our weekly meeting for everyone with project management responsibility. It’s a short meeting where you’ll have the opportunity to speak your mind about a project, ask for help or just getting up to speed on other projects.


Adrian preppin' his baby Fanny to become a Culture Works Queen once.

Take Part in the Journey

We aren’t big and corporate, and we don’t have an HR department. We have the one and only Marie Kjær aka. ‘Young Carrot’ to take care of all of us, but she got tons of tasks on the project management side as well. Add to this that two projects never look the same at Culture Works. Things always move fast and sometimes things go south. If things don’t run as planned or you have concerns of some sort, speak up. We’ll adjust accordingly!



You’ll probably experience things as improvised techno dance in the morning, shout&dance and loud, stupid Youtube watching from time to time. From improvisation and pop culture comes original ideas, which is why we embrace these moments.

Need a quiet moment? Put on your headphones, go for the sofa or simply just tell people to quiet down. Just remember to go impro crazy at another time!

09   Internal Projects

What makes Culture Works stand out from our competitors is our ability to create our very own projects that end up having cultural impact on everything from local communities to the creative business.

During the years, we’ve created concepts and projects like Europe’s biggest conference on creativity, Creativity World Forum 2017, the creative Friday bar concept Drunk Creatives, Festivals like Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus and Clustersquare, The first culture store in the universe ‘Kulturbutikken’ as well as our cycling team ‘Gruppetti’ along with the breakfast club every Friday in Aarhus. Another recent example is 'Interns Only' - a network and recruiting project created by our interns all by themselves.

Do you have an idea for an internal project? If it’s good, we’ll make it happen.


The Gruppetti Cycling Network is created and driven by Culture Works.

10   Benefits of Being a Culture Worker

Flex it like it’s hot

We know from experience, that we need each other during the day. It’s most efficient, but also more fun. Therefore, daily office hours are from 08.00 – 17.00 during. Want to hit the gym a bit earlier, have breakfast with your beloved ones or go pick up your children from kindergarten? Flex out between 08.00 – 09.00 and 16.00 – 17.00.


Cast Away

As Culture Worker you have the opportunity to work remotely for a half, full or even a couple of days, when you need to. Perhaps you wish to work from home, from your summer cabin or from the south of Europe.

Here’s a small checklist for you: 

– Check in with your team and your nearest partner before heading off. We strive to be as flexible as possible, but maybe you’re needed in the office for a brand new project.

– Be extra available for your team on Slack, Phone and mail.

– Sync everything in CW ROOT (even before people ask). 


Working from Berlin on the yearly workaway - here in the middle of an interview with the magazine 'Intern'.

Yay, holiday!

We all need time away from projects, the office and each other once in a while. At Culture Works you can plan your holiday almost as you want it. Want to go to San Francisco for 2 weeks in February? Go for it. Do keep in mind though: 

– We have forced time off in July (3 weeks). At the end of August, we need the whole team on deck to steer the ship through our most busy period of the year (you wouldn’t want to miss it anyway).

– We close the office between Christmas and New Years.

– Please give notice as early as possible if you are planning a longer vacation or taking time off. That makes it way easier for us to plan for upcoming and ongoing projects.


Extra days off 

In addition to your 5 weeks vacation you get these days off: 

– Christmas Eve, 1st and 2nd Christmas day.

– New Years Eve, New Year’s Day.

– Easter.

– All other official Danish holidays.

– For those with kids: 1 day off whenever kindergarten or school has planning days. See your contract for this one.


Party <3

Since our beginning in 2010, the party element has been a core part of our business. In the beginning, creating parties were actually our business. We still throw lit parties for clients now and then, but not as often as we do our own celebrating the CW wolfpack:


 The Classics

The summer party and the Christmas party. Needs no description, just ask people in the business.


 CW Get together

In addition to these two badboys, we throw a CW get together every year gathering friends, loved ones, neighbours, pets and whoever/whatever you may find suitable.


 Cluster Square

For four years in a row, we’ve been behind the culture festival ‘Cluster Square’ during Aarhus Festival. It’s our yearly way of staying true to the cultural grassroots and show the city, not only how to party, but how to throw down a week full of activities for everyone from children to young guns to granny. Come as much as possible, drink and eat on the CW tab and feel awesome while doing it!


Monthly Culture Store Openings

Once every month we open our culture store in Aarhus to showcase a new product. Feel free to participate and drink one (or several) of our own designed cultural beers.


Christmas party 2019. Before 2 hours in a party bus, but after Matilde went home crying after being shot in the ass.

The Yearly Workaway

Once every year, we gather the wolfpack to go explore new places abroad, get to each other even more and develop new exciting ideas for the future. The location differs from year to year. In 2017 and 2018, we went deep into the underground of Berlin and in 2019, we went all-in on nature on Iceland.

Where to next?


Inspiration Love

Inspiration is key! We like to explore new festivals – both national and international – to keep our game at the highest level, and you’re invited.


Getting Around

You wanna get around, and we wanna do it smoothly. We pay your (work related) trips from aarhus/kbh kbh/aarhus and back again.


Culture Sessions

Four times a year we invite all Culture Workers to participate in Culture Sessions. This is a format where we – together as wolfpack – explore new cultural tendencies.

During the years, we’ve been around everything from nerdy Star Wars lectures to a Porn exhibition in 3D (yup, you should have been around for that one).


Creativity World Forum 2017 is one of the largest projects ever done in Culture Works.

Coffee and Food

You can’t bring your A-game, if you don’t eat right, and you can’t do epic shit with basic coffee. CW pays for lunch and snacks everyday. While we all help to prepare it in the offices, our interns are responsible for doing the shopping. This can be done physically in stores or on the internet. Talk with Marie about account information. During the years, we’ve learned that homemade stuff makes people go wild, so if you feel like it – bring it!


Hardware & Software

Being a CW wolf of course also includes hardware and software like a Macbook, Google Drive and (maybe) Adobe.


Make Your Own Event Magic

We honor all the hours, you spend here. Therefore, feel free to book our spaces in Aarhus and Copenhagen for your next family and friends dinner. Just remember to make an official booking in the calendar and take care of cleaning the space after use.


Stay inspired

Even though we (and everybody else) know that you’re kickass person, it takes effort to stay on top of the cultural game.

Twice a year we encourage you to go out and seek new inspiration. Courses (on the web or in real life), conferences, festivals or inspirational tours. As long as it’s relevant for your future work and life as a CW wolf, go! Check with Martin about getting the cost covered.

Did you know that the average person scrolls more than 100 m. a day? 

You're homesafe now.


The end

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