Embracing the Upcoming Talents



A One-day Free Cultural Festival

The Challenge. Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus was the very beginning of what would later evolve in to Culture Works. Aarhus, our hood, was in need of a platform where upcoming musicians and other cultural talents could shine in front of a crowd.

The Kickoff. We decided to create our very own festival, held every year in one of Aarhus’ beautiful inner city parks. A unique summer cocktail of talented DJs, striving music acts, progressive art, cold beers, table tennis, street culture, gimmicks, beautiful people, supreme surprises & all day summer vibes.

The Win. Every year we count guest in the thousands, all enjoying the Danish summer weather, sweet tones from hip artists and cold beers. The festival is evolving each year and from 2016 Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus will also present its guest for the best streetfood currently available.


People said

“Sommer.Chillout.Aarhus is project that combines both entrepreneurship, art, culture, music and food. It’s super cool because it appeals to a huge crowd.”
- Kim Bisgaard, CEO and CO-founder of Culture & Business by Innovationlab

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