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Northside Festival

Creating awareness and boosting ticket sales Northside Festival

The Challenge. The Northside Festival wanted to create a creative and content-based buzz around their expanding festival. The challenge was to drive heightened awareness and additional ticket sales through music experiences.

The Kickoff. The Northside pop-up shop was open for a 10-day period and packed with an immense program with live concerts, DJ-sets, parties, bingo, workshops, talks about sustainability, art showcases, gimmicks and much more. In addition, it was possible to physically buy your tickets in the shop which was very popular.

The Win. The Northside Pop-up Shop was a huge success with 1500+ visitors, 20.000+ shop impressions, 20+ media mentions and a 15 % increase in ticket sales. At the same time this pop-up shop enabled the developing festival brand to get close to their audience and treat them with special experiences.

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