Rising Youtube stars creating exposure

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Rising youtube stars creating exposure

The Challenge.In the time leading up to Arla Food Fest 2016, Arla wanted to create exposure in order to increase ticket sales. The target group was 10-14 years old kids and their families.

The Kickoff.We created a Youtube collaboration through SPLAY with 3 of the most popular Danish Youtubers right now: Armin, Rasmus Brohave and Kristine Sloth. Together with Tim Vlademir, they did a cooking video reaching out to their audience (our target group) with the purpose of healthy food and Arla Food Fest tickets. Furthermore the Youtubers were a part of the scene show on Arla Food Fest.

The Win.In total the Youtube videos had a reach of +270k, +3k interactions a totalt of +1.2m minutes watched.

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